Welcome to Movement for a Non-violent Alternative

Founded in 1974, it is a forum for exchanging ideas and suggestions on non-violence for actions to resolve conflicts.

MAN aims to put forward the specific contribution of non-violence in the everyday life, education and social and political fights. MAN wants to promote the principles and the methods of non-violent strategy, to support a positive resolution of the interpersonal, intercommunity or international conflicts. By thinking, acting and training, MAN thus seeks to promote justice and freedom.

MAN also assures the coordination of the French Committee CPI (Civil Peace Intervention). This committee supports nonviolent third party intervention, as a mean to lessen violence and create the conditions for a political solution to conflict.

MAN is member of the French coordination for the decade, Non-violence XXI, Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) and actively participating in the European Network for Civil Peace Services (EN.CPS).

MAN elaborates a program of analysis and experimentation on the questions of violence and security in town. Lastly, MAN helps to promote non-violence through education and the promotion of citizenship, as educating people in non-violence entails developing in the youngest of them a culture of non-violence based on positive actions.
It is a member of the steering committee for the international decade for a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world.

Actions• An international campaign about Israel and Palestine to promote civilian peace intervention.
• Support non-violent actions
• Take part in the struggle against injustice
• Take part in several joint campaigns aimed at controlling arms sales and abolishing nuclear weapons, in particular.
• Supports non-violent civilian intervention projects in Kosovo, Guatemala and Colombia, for example, in the context of civil intervention peace missions

Education and training
MAN offers trainings designed to associative and socio-educational actors. A professional network named IFMAN was created to answer to this demand.
Finally, MAN facilitates regular training sessions about nonviolent activism, nonviolent conflict resolution, civilian peace intervention.

dimanche 1er juin 2014
par  MAN

Manifesto for a Non-violent Alternative

I We refuse the inevitability of violence which seems to weigh upon History. But beyond the rejection of such violence, we wish to develop a culture of non-violence, respectful of all human beings and of their environ­ment. This ambition commits us to the pursuit and the practice of (...)









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